Weight of the World

by Teeth Like Ivory

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released August 22, 2013



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Teeth Like Ivory Derby, Connecticut

4 piece post hardcore/emo band from CT.

Jinx Removing Records

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Track Name: Intro/ Every Mountain Has it's Peak (I'll Watch You Crumble)
She used to be a mountain. Eyes as bright as the sun. But under her thick skin, her sunshine fades. She is alone but no one seems to know. And it's a shame. Pretty little girl with petty little insecurities. She doesn't feel safe, she doesn't feel sound in her own skin. With every step, she whisked away like the wind through her hair. One day she broke. One day she could not cope. She gave up on hope and love and life. That mountain withered away.
Track Name: To The Bone
My bed's as empty as it's ever been But you're asleep beside me. I'll watch you sleep. Do you dream of me? I used to dream of you. But know every time I close my eyes, there's nothing. It's as if I'm dead. My bed's as cold as it's ever been. Come warm me. I am chilled to the bone. I need your skin on mine to not feel so alone. I need your skin on mine, it feels like home. My head aches. As my fever breaks, cold sweats kick in. Shivers shake me to the core. I can't take it anymore.
Track Name: Through My Eyes
How does one lose themself? Get consumed in a wold he does not fully understand. Drown, in every false pretense bestowed upon him. Every negative judgement, comment, action, every hurtful laugh, every silent scream. How does one disappear? Cloaked in a blanket of abuse, anger, heartache, and longing. With no one to lift the sheets to scream "wake up," how does one find the strength to? How does one find the courage to face the world? Or does he lock himself in his room alone. Perhaps in his mind to create a place far away from this hell. Right between heaven, where his god abandoned him, and this earth where he has been tortured. He'll watch the world burn, the existence of mankind extinguish like a glass jar placed over a small fire. Suffocated. Mankind has suffocated itself. He is the only one who can see it.
Track Name: Virginia
Did you feel it when your life left you? Your hands gripping sheets, release. Did you run towards the light? I never said goodbye. I’ll never forget the moment I heard. My bones broke. My stomach hurt. My eyes held back tears as I collapsed into my best friend’s arms. Do you remember playing in the yard? You looked at me and said, “promise me you’ll be a good boy, Eric, promise me.” Did I live up to your expectations? I felt the currents wash over me pulling me under to drown with the thoughts in my head. So here we are at a crossroad. Both of us looking forward. Maybe I’ll catch your eye just in time for you to see your hand no longer clenched in mine. Is this goodbye? I’ll miss you.
Track Name: Weight of the World
I used to feel like I was the only one who knew what it truly meant to be alone. I used to feel like I was the only one who saw the world for what it truly is. Do you ever feel like this, like me? It goes away, you're not alone. I lost a lot of friends along the way. I'm sure they hate me. I'd hate me too. I can't see a single thing worth saving. I used to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. But this world haunts me no more.